Parking Services

Choose One of Our CMH Airport Parking Services

Our ultra premium valet service provides you with a great place to park at an affordable rate, and you don’t really have to do much except arrive at the facility. We’ll hop in your car, check you in while you drive to the CMH Airport, help with your bags and drive your vehicle back to OhPark, where we will park it for you. When you return, our shuttle will pick you up at the airport and whisk you back to OhPark, where your car will be waiting for you up front. Use the reservation box to the right to book your Premium Valet reservation!
Introducing our new parking service option, VanGo, the traditional valet service option. Just pull into our facility and hop on the shuttle to the CMH airport. Our attendants will take care of parking your vehicle for you so you can head over to the airport. Use the reservation box to the right to book your CMH Airport Parking Valet reservation!
Sometimes you just want to park cheap and dash. We get it. That’s why OhPark offers their YouGo self-parking option for a low, affordable rate. You’ll get the same great service that OhPark is known for, but at a “DIY” price point that simply cannot be beat. OhPark offers the best parking near CMH airport at the best self-parking price. We’ve got you covered – no frills, no thrills. Just a great place to park your car while you are away, for less money. Use the reservation box to the right to book your Self-Park reservation!