Frequently Asked Questions

Hours and Location Inquiries

Q: Where is OhPark Airport Parking located?
A: OhPark Airport Parking is conveniently located at 840 Stelzer Road in Columbus near John Glenn International Airport.
Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: OhPark Airport Parking is a 24-hour operation. We are always open.

General Questions

Q: Do you have a Customer Service Center to help answer my questions?
A: Yes, we do! The OhPark Customer Service Center can be reached at (614) 237-5800 or by filling out our Contact Form.
Q: What should I bring to the facility on the day of my departure?
A: Printed reservation, coupons or smart phone with access to documents.
Q: Does OhPark Airport Parking accept motorcycles?
A: We currently accept motorcycles for self-park only.
Q: Does OhPark Airport Parking accept oversized vehicles?
A: No, we currently do not accept any form of oversized vehicles at this time.
Q: What should I expect when I arrive at the facility?
A: CarGo (Premium Valet) – A valet attendant will ride with you in your vehicle. You will be dropped off at curbside check-in, and the attendant will assist with your luggage. The attendant will return your vehicle to our lot to park and lock your vehicle.

VanGo (Valet) – A valet attendant will assist with your luggage and get you loaded on our free CMH shuttle bus to the airport. The attendant will park and lock your vehicle on our lot.

YouGo (Self Parking) – Pull into our self-park lot and park and lock your vehicle yourself. Our shuttle bus will pick you up at your vehicle and transport you to the Columbus airport.
Q: What should I expect when I return?
A: CarGo and VanGo customers call, text, or use the OhPark app on their smart phone to alert us of their arrival. Then proceed to the Ground Transportation area on the baggage claim level for pick up. Our shuttle bus driver will assist with your luggage and transport you back to our lot where your vehicle will be waiting, warming up during cool weather or cooling when it’s warm outside. YouGo customers proceed to the Ground Transportation area on the baggage claim level for pick up. Our shuttle bus driver will assist with your luggage and transport you back to your vehicle on our self-parking lot.
Q: How much earlier should I arrive at the OhPark Airport Parking prior to my flight?
A: We recommend you arrive at our facility about 20 minutes before you would like to arrive at the CMH airport.

Rates and Reservation Inquiries

Q: Are reservations required to park at the facility?
A: Reservations are not required. It is recommended to reserve a space online throughout the peak summer season and high travel holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. OhPark reserves the right to become reservation-only at any time and for any reason.
Q: Do you have a weekly parking rate?
A: Yes, click to access weekly parking rate for John Glenn International Airport at OhPark Parking.
Q: Do you have a monthly parking rate?
A: No
Q: Is the price different if you do not make a reservation ahead of time and just pull into the garage?
A: Yes, the drive-up rates are listed under our price buttons on the homepage. Rates are subject to change.
Q: Are there any other charges outside of your low daily rate?
A: OhPark’s low rates do not include applicable taxes and fees.
Q: What are my OhPark Airport Parking payment options?
A: Payments can be made with all major credit card/debit cards. Please note we do not accept cash.
Q: What if I don’t have a printer? Do I still have to print my OhPark parking reservation before arriving at the garage?
A: No, you can show us the reservation on your phone as well!
Q: What is your policy for canceling reservations?
A: Notice of cancellation must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of the reservation in order to receive a full refund for pre-paid reservations.
Q: What is your policy for modifying reservations?
A: Reservations can be modified anytime up to 24 hours prior to the start of the reservation. Reservations can be modified online or over the phone (614) 237-5800
Q: I’m making a reservation, but not certain of return date – please advise.
A: A reservation at OhPark Airport Parking assures the guest of entrance to the parking facility. You may return on whatever day you choose – many of our parkers, particularly business travelers, do not know what day they will return. We only ask for return dates to help our operational team formulate very rough estimates number of entrances and exits to a particular type of parking during a time period. We take into consideration in our formulation of these estimates that many guests will not exit on the day the originally planned.
Q: What happens if I come back sooner than I had originally planned?
A: If you come back sooner, we will refund you accordingly.
Q: Previously, after taking long trips, we have needed our vehicle jump started in order to get car started again. Do you have jumper cables?
A: Yes, we have jumper cables, and we’d be happy to provide a jump start when you return.

Shuttle Information

Q: How do I get from OhPark Airport Parking to John Glenn International Airport?
A: That’s easy. OhPark offers a convenient shuttle bus service that leaves approximately every 10 minutes from the facility.
Q: How far is OhPark Airport Parking from the Airport?
A: The facility is approximately 2.5 miles from John Glenn International Airport and is a quick 6-minute shuttle ride to and from the airport.
Q: Once I am at John Glenn International Airport, where does the shuttle drop off and pick up?
A: Customer drop off is located in a designated area on the Departure Level. Customer Pick Up is located on the Arrival Level near Baggage Claim, outside at the Ground Transportation area.
Q: Are you able to accommodate disabled guests?
A: Here at OhPark we are able to accommodate disabled or handicap passengers with using our valet service.
Q: Do your shuttles have car seats available for infants?
A: We don’t have car seats available, but you are able to use your own in our van.

Rewards Program

Q: How do I earn OhWards loyalty points?
A: You earn one point for every day you park with OhPark Airport Parking. For a limited time, enroll in OhWards Frequent Parker Awards and get a FREE DAY of parking right away!
Q: How do I redeem my OhWards points?
A: To redeem ‘free day’ points, upon entering the facility, members should pull a ticket at the gate rather than using their OhWards Loyalty Card. At the end of your stay, present your ticket along with your OhWards Loyalty card to receive your complimentary day(s).
Q: Can I use my OhWards on services?
A: Yes, you can redeem 7 points and receive a free exterior car wash.
Q: How many points does it take for a free day?
A: 7 points are required per free day.
Q: I’m an OhWards Loyalty Program member, but I didn’t receive a receipt at the facility when I paid. What gives?
A: OhPark Airport Parking is committed to sustainability in parking. As such, we’ve designed our OhWards Loyalty Program to be paperless in nature. You will receive an electronic receipt within 48 hours of checking out of OhPark Airport Parking.
Q: How do I use an OhPark Airport Parking coupon?
A: CarGo and Vango Valet customers should bring your printed coupon or saved image with bar code on your smart phone to our counter upon return from your trip. YouGo customers upon return from your trip, simply scan the barcode on your coupon or the image on your smart phone at the payment station upon exiting the self park lot.


Q: Is OhPark Airport Parking responsible if valuables go missing from my car while it’s parked at your facility?
A: We provide security that you would expect from a high-level CMH airport parking solution: video cameras, fencing, lighting, security, etc., but we cannot be responsible for belongings left in your car. As with all parking situations, if you want to guarantee the security of your items, please do not leave them in your car.
Q: What if find damage on my vehicle that occurred while it was parked at your facility? Whose insurance will cover the damage?
A: If you find damage on your vehicle that you feel occurred while parked at our facility, report it to an employee prior to leaving the property. You will be provided with a customer claim form to complete, a detailed investigation will be performed, and you will be contacted by our corporate insurance claims department.