The Best Islands to Visit This Year

The Best Islands to Visit This Year

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It’s a new year, and if you love to the sun, the sand, and the water, you may be wondering which island you should check off next on your bucket list. Here, our Columbus Airport parking company put together a list of places that are worth checking out this year:

The Azores, Portugal

This May, Delta is rolling out nonstop flights from JFK to these pristine Portugese islands in the mid-Atlantic. If you’re an outdoor lover, you’ll revel in the number of waterfalls in the area as well as the opportunity to enjoy some great hiking trails and geothermal activity like hot springs and geysers. Best of all, these islands are still relatively secret, which means you won’t be battling tourists for a chance to enjoy their beauty.


Temperatures in Grenada reach a high of around 80 and a low of around 70 all year long, making it the perfect place for a beach getaway. Visit the famous Grand Anse Beach that’s nearly two miles long or soak up the sun in the black sand of Black Bay Beach. Afterwards, be sure to visit one of the spice plantations and try some rum at the Caribbean’s oldest distillery. And don’t forget to check out the unique underwater sculpture garden.

Paros, Greece

When it comes to the Grecian islands, many travelers flock to Santorini or Mykonos (last year saw more than 30 million visitors). Skip the crowds of tourists this year and head to the island of Paros. You’ll find the same breathtaking turquoise waters and whitewashed houses, but you’ll also get to experience marble quarries from the 3rd millennium BC, colorful villages like Naoussa, and incredible architecture built thousands of years ago.

Catalina Island, California

If you still want an island experience but don’t want to travel too far, our Columbus Airport parking company suggests heading Catalina Island. Just 26 miles off the coast of California, the area is accessible only by boat and once you get there, you’ll find that the golf cart is a popular mode of transportation. If a golf cart isn’t your thing, soak in the views on horseback, take a one-of-a-kind submarine tour, or rent a kayak and go exploring.

The Maldives

This Indian Ocean archipelago is like heaven on Earth (and not as hard to get to as it once used to be). Book yourself a secluded bungalow and kick back with an endless sea of green and white sand beaches. And if you love underwater life, snorkeling and diving let you discover hundreds of species of fish, coral, sharks, and more. Another good reason to visit? The area is being heavily affected by global warming and may not look the same in years to come.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This year, skip the ever-popular Cancun and opt for a vacation spot off the Yucatan Peninsula in Playa del Carmen. You’ll find a variety of resorts, beautiful, powder-fine beaches, and **. Not to mention, historical discoveries like nearby Mayan ruins and the colonial history of the area. On top of all that, if you’re a theme park enthusiast, Mexico’s largest park is slated to open this year in Solidaridad (just a few minutes away).
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