The Top Cities for a European Vacation

The Top Cities for a European Vacation

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Whether you’ve already been to Europe and want to check another city off of your bucket list or you’ve never been and are looking for the perfect vacation, our Columbus Airport parking company has some suggestions. Below are our top picks for where to plan your next trip:


Paris, France is one of the most romantic places in Europe, which means it’s the perfect destination for a honeymoon, an anniversary celebration, or simply an intimate getaway. No matter where you look, you’ll find quaint, cobblestone streets, elegant architecture, breathtaking sights (like the Eiffel Tower, of course), and exquisite restaurants for you to explore.

Paris travel tip: Paris has a variety of great museums and if you plan on going to places like the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, and others, consider buying the museum pass. It can be used at more than 50 museums and can help you save a lot of money.


Austria’s capital is packed with culture and largely shaped by music, intellect, and art, giving it an overall sophisticated air. And with the Danube River running through the city, you can enjoy a combination of city life and nature. Just make sure you don’t miss out on the unique cuisine, dubbed “Viennese,” that mixes local and international tastes.

Vienna travel tip: Tipping is highly expected in Vienna – even if you order a fountain soda. Keep in mind the average tipping amount is 10%-15%.


If you love art and architecture, Barcelona is a great place to visit. Not only will you find a beautiful blend of gothic and modern structures, you’ll also find art shops, museums, and exhibitions. And when it comes to the culture, Barcelona is always bustling – from its warm, sandy beaches to the delicious restaurants to its exciting nightlife, there’s something for everyone to do.

Barcelona travel tip: In Spain, lunch is more popular than dinner, so look for cafes and restaurants that have set lunch menus – you can usually find a three-course meal, bread, and wine for a lower price than what you’d pay for dinner.


Planning a trip to Europe can be fun, yet a little stressful if you don’t know a second language; that’s where London comes in. Head to the English capital and you’ll find more than 2,000 years of history as well as famous landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London. You can even see where famous musicians (like Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, and The Beatles) got their start.

London travel tip: Many of London’s hotels are priced highly, so do your research before you book your stay. And don’t be afraid to consider hostels or staying outside of the city.


Another European city known for its romance, Rome is a great place to go with your significant other. After you’ve indulged in an abundance of pasta and wine, you can discover ancient ruins like the Colosseum, historical art like the Sistine Chapel, and a variety of stunning sculpted water fountains. Plus, temperatures stay pretty mild all year long, which means you can enjoy the city nearly any time of year.

Rome travel tip: Many monuments and museums are free to the public on the first Sunday of the month, so if you’re flexible in your schedule, consider planning your trip around then.


While many travelers flock to Berlin when they plan a trip to Germany, our Columbus Airport parking experts recommend Nuremberg instead. This German city was once the “unofficial” capital of the Holy Roman Empire and has worked to preserve its rich history. Today, it’s known for its fabulous open-air markets, world-class museums, and of course, the delicious variety of sausage offerings.

Nuremberg travel tip: If you’re interested in visiting other cities in Germany, invest in a rail pass that lets you switch trains at your convenience and can save you money.


Looking for a European vacation that’s a little more low-key and laid-back? Head to Madrid, where you’ll find a mellow, artsy, atmosphere. Enjoy some relaxing Spanish music, see some vibrant flamenco dancers, learn about famous paintings and drawings, and take in the beautiful architecture. After that, dive into some authentic tapas and don’t forget to do some high-end shopping.

Madrid travel tip: Madrid experiences its high season in July and August, so if you want to avoid the crowds and pay less for your stay and airfare, plan a trip in the winter or spring.

No matter where you decide to go, make sure you make a Columbus Airport parking reservation with OhPark. We’ll take care of your car while you’re enjoying the unique European vacation vibe.