6 Things You May Not Know About Columbus Airport

6 Things You May Not Know About Columbus Airport

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While Columbus Airport is a popular airport for people traveling all over the world, there are some facts about it that you may not know. Here, our Columbus Airport parking company shares some of the things we think make the airport unique:

1. The Name

John Glenn Columbus International Airport actually used to be known as Port Columbus International Airport. The name was changed in May of 2016 to honor astronaut and four-term U.S. senator John Glenn.

2. Who Picked the Spot

Back in June of 1929, the site of Columbus Airport was chosen by none other than Charles Lindbergh – a renowned American aviator who became the first man to successfully fly an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

3. The Airlines

Columbus Airport is served by 10 different airlines that offer nonstop flights to over 40 destinations:
1. Air Canada
2. American Airlines
3. Delta Air Lines
4. Frontier Airlines
5. OneJet
6. Southwest Airlines
7. Spirit Airlines
8. United Airlines
9. VacationExpress
10. Allegiant Air

4. Annual Traffic

Each year, Columbus Airport sees between 6.5 million and 7.5 million travelers (boarding and arriving), making it the largest passenger airport in central Ohio and the second busiest airport in the state after Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport.

5. Renovation Efforts

Over the years, Columbus Airport has undergone seven major renovations:
* 1979: A $70 million renovation on the airport’s 50th birthday that focused on improving its facilities.
* 1989: A $15.5 million renovation that added a second concourse (now Concourse A).
* 1998-2000: A $25 million terminal renovation that added retail shops, new flight information displays, new flooring, enhanced lighting, a new food court, new hangars, and office spaces. In addition, a $92 million Columbus Airport parking project that included an underground terminal entrance, a ground transportation area, new rental car facilities, and a new atrium.
* 2004: A new control tower (shown above) was constructed and began many different facility enhancements.
* 2012: A Terminal Modernization Program which incorporated new flooring, ceilings, and restrooms throughout the airport as well as more TSA security lanes, and new LED lighting.
* 2013: A $140 million runway project that created a larger area for planes to take off and land.
* 2017: An $80 million terminal renovation (after which, named the airport the most improved airport in North America by Airports Council International).

6. WWII History

During World War II, the U.S. Navy took over most of Columbus Airport and established the Naval Air Station Columbus. A government-owned aviation factory called Air Force Factory 85 was also established on the grounds and produced six different aircrafts, including a jet fighter and a supersonic bomber.

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